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Bruce Dickinson’s “The Mandrake Project” is an upcoming seventh studio album set to be released on March 1, 2024. This album, a collaboration with producer Roy Z, marks Dickinson’s return to solo work after a nineteen-year gap since his last solo album in 2005. The album features a mix of heavy metal, progressive metal, and hard rock genres and consists of ten tracks that promise to be defining in the rock scene of 2024.

Yes, Bruce Dickinson’s new album, “The Mandrake Project,” has been leaked online before its official release date. The album was officially announced on September 21, 2023, and is scheduled for release in 2024 via BMG. The leak has allowed individuals to download the full album before its intended release date.

The album promises to be a dark and adult story revolving around power, abuse, and a struggle for identity, set against a backdrop of scientific and occult genius.



Album Production and Recording
“The Mandrake Project” was recorded between 2019 and 2023 at the Doom Room studio in Los Angeles, California. The production was led by Roy Z, who also contributed to the songwriting alongside Bruce Dickinson. The album showcases some of the best vocal performances of Dickinson’s career and is characterized by its heavy sound and rich musical textures.

Tracklist :-

01. Afterglow Of Ragnarok (05:45)
02. Many Doors To Hell (04:48)
03. Rain On The Graves (05:05)
04. Resurrection Men (06:24)
05. Fingers In The Wounds (03:39)
06. Eternity Has Failed (06:59)
07. Mistress Of Mercy (05:08)
08. Face In The Mirror (04:08)
09. Shadow Of The Gods (07:02)
10. Sonata (Immortal Beloved) (09:51)

Album Formats
“The Mandrake Project” will be available in various formats including Double Vinyl, Deluxe CD, Digisleeve CD, and Digital formats. Fans can expect a diverse range of options to enjoy this highly anticipated release.

Comic Series
In addition to the album, Bruce Dickinson has created a comic series that complements the music. The series, scripted by Tony Lee and illustrated by Staz Johnson, will consist of 12 quarterly issues collected into three annual graphic novels. This multi-dimensional approach adds depth to the storytelling behind “The Mandrake Project”.

In summary, Bruce Dickinson’s “The Mandrake Project” is not just an album but a comprehensive artistic endeavor that combines music and storytelling to create a unique and immersive experience for fans.

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