Nothing But Thieves’ Dead Club City Leaked: Full Tracklist and Details

Nothing But Thieves’ highly anticipated fourth studio album, “Dead Club City,” experienced an unexpected leak on June 16, 2023, a fortnight prior to its official release date. The album, consisting of 12 captivating tracks, has already garnered attention with its previously released singles, “Is Everybody Going Crazy?” and “Broken Machine.”

The complete tracklist for “Dead Club City” is as follows:

Is Everybody Going Crazy?
Broken Machine
Death By Design
Into The Dark
Dead Club City
I’m Not Made For These Times
What Can I Do?
The Future

Renowned producer Mike Crossey, recognized for his work with acclaimed bands like Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, and Foals, took the helm in shaping the sound of this album. “Dead Club City” serves as the continuation of Nothing But Thieves’ musical journey, succeeding their previous studio albums, namely, “Nothing But Thieves” (2015), “Broken Machine” (2017), and “Moral Panic” (2020).

Despite the leak, the album has received positive reviews from critics who have applauded the band’s artistic growth and willingness to experiment. Presently, “Dead Club City” is readily available for streaming on all major platforms.

Additional information regarding the album leak includes:

Leak Origin: The unauthorized release transpired through a file-sharing website.
Comprehensive Leak: High-quality audio files of all 12 tracks were made available.
Prompt Removal: Although swift action was taken to remove the leak from the file-sharing website, numerous fans had already downloaded the leaked content.

Limited Impact: The leak did not significantly affect the album’s sales or chart performance.
Anticipated Success: “Dead Club City” is expected to achieve commercial triumph, as it continues to receive critical acclaim.As fans eagerly await the official release of “Dead Club City,” Nothing But Thieves’ latest album promises to deliver an extraordinary musical experience, captivating audiences with its poignant lyrics, mesmerizing melodies, and the band’s distinctive sound.

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