Is Kylie Minogue’s “Tension” Album Leaked Online?: Revealing Tracklist Information

Kylie Minogue’s highly anticipated sixteenth studio album, titled “Tension,” is set to be released on September 22, 2023. The album is being produced by renowned music producers Lostboy, Biff Stannard, and Duck Blackwell. This album marks Minogue’s first new project since her successful 2020 disco dance-pop album, “Disco.”

The lead single from “Tension,” titled “Padam Padam,” was unveiled on May 18, 2023. Critics have praised the song for its euphoric sound and Minogue’s impressive vocal performance.

Described as a collection of “euphoric, empowered dance floor bangers and sultry pop cuts,” “Tension” offers a dynamic blend of personal reflection, uninhibited club vibes, and poignant melancholy, showcasing Minogue’s versatility as an artist.

Unfortunately, Kylie Minogue’s album “Tension” has suffered a leak, with approximately 50 songs being released prematurely due to a major hack. The album was officially announced on May 13, 2023, and it stands as Minogue’s sixteenth studio album. Although the album doesn’t follow a specific theme, it celebrates the individuality and creative freedom showcased in each song.

The leaked information also included the album’s artwork and tracklisting, which surfaced in May 2023 alongside the release of the lead single, “Padam Padam.” However, only one high-quality track from the album has emerged so far, and it had been circulating online for several months prior to the leak. While there is a SoundCloud link claiming to offer the full album for download, its authenticity remains uncertain.

Here is the tracklist for “Kylie Minogue Tension” :

Padam Padam
Heartbreak City

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